article is very informative. i want to describe this disease from AYURVEDA Indian system of medicine with treatment.
 Gout (Vatarakta)  == gout is a form of metabolic disorder in which sodium biurate is deposited in the cartilages of the joints, the ears and else where.the big toe is characteristically involved and becomes acutely painful and gout small joints are involved and if early steps are not taken skin affections are also manifested as a complications. Treatments===
 1 The compound decotion made of NEEM LEAVES(MARGOSSA  LEAVES )and the leaves of Trycosenthes  dioeca (PATOLA PATRA)  is given with honey in GOUT.2the decoction of the root bark of PIPAL TREE (LONG PEPPER)is an excellent remedy for gout. dose 1 to 2 ozs twice DAILY. 3 GUDUCHYADI TAILA (TINOSPORA CORDIFOLIAWILD MIERS) OIL  is avery good application to the affected parts in Gout .it removes the pain of the joints and swelling as well. so there are list of many drugs/treatment.


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