take a sporting veiw

it is true,I admit

that many of us are not able to romanticist our errors .the best we can do is to have a little more understanding of ourselves, and the magnanimity to accept our own perfections.

mad men excuse their faults;

good men abandon them.


honesty is the curse in present time.

yes some times i do introspection that honesty, truthfulness, nonviolence are the curse in present time. if you are not courageous so you will suffer more and if you are thick skinned so will enjoy more,criminals are enjoying more and civilized are suffering more and more. it is not easy to accommodate your self. so many are in confusing state,

infedility is not sinit is now not sin but it is known as extra qualifications. because we are not satisfied by own belongings. secondly we are spending more time in our job and on field works. we used to live with opposite sexes. so the attraction of law is applied. now the female partners are not playing active role s with own partners but they play active roleS with the BF or of with BF, now the theory is changed . no place of morality/character. they think it is the meeting of skin to skin so there is no sin.we have lost our inner light/sight but now sex is now sexuality.it is an epidemic disease and the wants are more and income is less and expenses are most . so it is not a matter of considerations.


it is a very painful picture of our lives. we care then kill. why? because wants to please Allah. yes he is pleased by innocent killings. yes . we are killings innocents since long means near about two thousands years . why we are going MACCA AND MADINA. for the the development of own soul or the development of our body.if we want development of own soul so why they are not eating in MACCA AND MADINA. why they wear white clothes and why they are doing prayers. because the upliftment of own souls. if you want to be healthy so why you are killings innocents are the building of health.we have many alternates like vegetables, vegetarian diets. WE ARE VISITING MACCA AND MADINA AND CALLED AS HAZI, BUT WE HAVE NOT CHANGED OUR HABITS AND NATURE SO IT WILL BE FUTILE.YES. to think in own self why we kill them/ for health building , taste, entertainment or for religious purposes. so killings of animal animal is a sin and we must treat them with EMPATHY.THEY HAVE ALSO SAME SOULS LIKE US. THEY ALSO FEEL PAINS AGONY AND FEAR. all want to live equally and with freedom.
many scientists are every day alerting us to adopt vegetarianism. and live peacefully. you will get peace,serenity, love, affection by non violence, violence is inviting many many bad things in our society.
we are only suggesting you not to kill, not to eat and follow peaceful life and not kill but love them and use sweets in place of goats.yes those goats will bless you for your prosperity , affinity, healthy wealthy and wise and you will enjoy in low expense.
it is a big question before us that we are caring, and keeping healthy and treat him as a family members and after purchasing or farming you are killing them it is a big focus on our mind how we are killing them . when we kill them they oppose, they weep , they feel sorrowfulness and their emotions transmits in our body and lead us in diseased state.
i request to the whole community please adopt/follow only this year not to kill them but to provide them protections. if you will start mercy towards them they will pleased on you and due to their mercy you will feel happiness in own self, in family, in society and as well as in nation and in universe,yes one step is good for you. eat sweets and enjoy peacefully/ and we will be healthy ,wealthy and mentally peaceful.yes. if not SO EAT MORE AND MORE AND INVITE MANY INCURABLE DISEASES AND DEATH IS THE ONLY TREATMENT SO EAT EARLY AND MORE AND PARTICIPATE IN THE MOVEMENT OF FAMILY PLANNING.BECAUSE EARLY DEATHS ARE THE CONTRIBUTION TO THE NATION.YES ENJOY WITH NON VEGES. MORE AND MORE.


we are very thickened people. we are known about the disadvantages of eating meat, fishes, and eggs and still we are using bravely and inviting many incurable diseases like cancers , diabetes, heart diseases, kidney diseases and many G I T diseases. every where and every one warns but we are not worried because we are against the truth and knowingly inviting many incurable diseases. SO EAT MORE AND INVITE DEATH SOON.


he says very correct but they are opposing WITH ARGUMENTS. at present many diseases are inviting by young generations . at present cervix cancers and breast cancers are increased. my advise not wear any dresses means they must be undress is the best dress of universe. the beauty of women are due to civilized dresses must wear.we are not opposing but which must be suitable for them. they wear mini dress and remain uncomfortable.so what is the use of such dress. dress is not important but morality and character must be important. i advise to women to drink,smoke,drugs take more and more so there will be benefit for them that they will not bear pregnancy, and not be aged because before aged they will go to heaven.every coin has two sides .yesudas statement


gold divides man to man,blood to blood. it is not a new thing for property. it is a good step taken by his family members so they will live peacefully in future. RAJESH KHANNA was a man of controversies also.