congress manifesto

i have gone through the manifesto of congress party. i want to share with my views. no 4 RIGHT TO HEALTH the party has not mentioned the roles of Indian System of medicines means Ayurveda, homeopathy, unani and naturopathy. specially AYURVEADA has more potency for the welfare of the societies, this science is much more ignored by the states and central govts. now the attentions are more hopeful. but it is not mentioned in the must be mentioned.
these things are for the welfare of the nation , not for economy and sources of money. if you will not establish peace so unrest will be there.the causes of unrest are corruptions, delayed justice, scams, imbalances of social justice. we need the religious values in the lives of the people and nation will be developed.why the politicians are emphasizing to eradicate corruptions, not for honesty.we are ashamed more at present the low gradation of moral values. politics is fully polluted .we want peace, health, roads, education, water, sanitation, still the long journey of democracy we have lost moral values.we are now known as corrupts. delayed justice, need of basic is a herculean task now. so kindly include these matters in your manifesto



ATAL BIHARI BAJPAYEE JI NON VEGETARAIN==great Indian hero is on bed. he is unable to talk, and understanding alertly. i wish for speedy recovery.according to his friend he is served by prawn. i hope being non vegetarianism he is suffering more and will suffer more. being a Brahmin and using non veges. it is not good for him. because what you are eating it effects on your body, mind, soul and it reflects in such way.
i do not know more about his diets but a person who is a non veges, how his actions and thoughts will be non violent. it is very alarming sign that still he is taking non veges. it indicates that he is not true HINDU AND HINDUSTANI. may be in his own way but he is not a great man in this way. that is why he was unable to BAN THE EXPORT OF MEAT, BECAUSE HE IS ALSO A MEAT EATER.
HE IS ALSO AWARE OF THE EFFECTS OF NON VEGES now stop just for his bright future.if not he will may be in many physical troubles.he may be a best politician but not he is not in position so serve him pure vegetarian diets and prayer. i want to say to L.K.ADVANI, MR GHATATE that today flesh from factory animals, contains a cocktail of unhealthy chemicals such as antibiotics, growth hormones, fear hormones, nitrites to keep the dead grey meat looking red, cement dust and deadly microbes such as cancer viruses ,,salmonella ,E coli and many in curable people are doing PRAGYA APARADH. IT is a known crime with him. he wants only pure vegetarian diets. we have many many dishes in vegetarian .so if you people want to keep him healthy and wise so stop MEAT AND OTHERS AND FOLLOW VEGETARIANISM.

women security

words are very easy to express problems. but in practical life it is too far. what are the causes of crime. one part is only responsible or males are more. such crimes were since long. history is also full of such true sense individual  is more  responsible, if we follow the right conduct and religious path so up to some extent we can crab.
in our religious books they have mentioned  HINSA, JHOOTH, CHORI,KUSHEEL AND PARIGRAH  ARE THE SINS AND THE VRATTAS ARE AHIMSA, SATYA ACHURYA, BRAHMCHARYA, previously all were individualistic and today they are community based.
     we know above version may be baseless. but what are the causes of crime. and you can not change the crime but you can prevent the crime. we are not educating our children the ethical values of the society. we are eradicating the crime. why we are not insisting that crime may not occur. male and female are reciprocally independent and dependent.we must follow the safest way of life. we are in present at liberty. sins were very prevalent  in all ages. if not so why in old books they have mentioned. and also described the prevention of crimes. but we do not to follow such path.
         we are unable to change the are based on many limbs. there is not justices are delaying. we must increase the personal awareness. govts are heartless.


JASWANT SINGH is very honest on his statement that new entry and defectors are getting tickets easily. denial of his ticket also indicates his the politics is the game of opportunists and those are doing the greasing of palms to their leaders. office bearers are at present are next to god.they are over whelmed and also misleading the party and party’s ideologies. but nothing is wrong. if you are honest so fight against party bravely. seniors are now over looked by party office bearers.enjoy Jaswant singh. I KNOW THAT YOU ARE IGNORED BY PARTY SO YOU IGNORED THEM.

era of LK is gone

it is the good sign of BJP. that  it is inducting many new comers, party changers and trusted man and also ignoring senior mosts. it is the good indication of revolutionary changes because NAMO is  in in Joice mood. he is confident that the seat of PM is near by. he is still hopeful. at present party and all seniors are following him. and many are ignored  but he is not worried because he has absolute majority. he has walked over many seats.he is not worried with L.K because L.K has not lobby.he is at present totally isolated and also ignored by many his followers.time is the biggest teacher. once MODI was his follower and at present L .K is wholly dependent on his party present LK is safe until or unless he will be thrown from the picture,L.K has no power to shift on other party or resign from the is the beauty of time. his follower is now his boss and senior is enjoying in play ground. IS THE ERA OF L K  GONE. yes we hope.but the future of the party is not good.