gold divides man to man,blood to blood. it is not a new thing for property. it is a good step taken by his family members so they will live peacefully in future. RAJESH KHANNA was a man of controversies also.


samadhi maran

ichha mratyu should not be permitted. like wise in Jainism there is a Samadhi Maran .Samadhi Maran of a saint is termed as PANDITA MARAN- wise man ‘”s death. BALA PANDIT MARAN is the self controlled death of a house holder, who vows the partial vows of ahimsa etc.Bala Maran is the death of a right believer who has no vows, and Bla-bala Maran signifies the death of a person who is blind of real nature of the self . the supreme type of death is called Pandita-pandita Maran the death of the body before the soul attains perfection and joins the assemblage of the liberated souls.Sallekhana is performed either at the time of deliberately chosen or in the case of accidents, when the probability of t tantamount to a certainty.if there be doubt and saint is not willing to undertake sallekhana at once,he should adopt a qualified vow to the certain period of time after which the sallekhana is to be terminated if death does not occur in the interval , but there is no other difference between qualified and the regular form.