Amavata of Ayurveda may be correlated with the Rheumatic DISEASES, especially rhematoid arthritis  of modern medicine.Rheumatism is a non specific term embracing a diverse group of diseases and syndrome which have a in common disorders or diseases of connective tissueand hence usually present with pain and stiffness or swelling of muscles and joints.the main groups are rheumatic fever, rheumatic arthritis, ankylosis,  and spondilytis , non articular rheumatism , oesteo  arthritis and   gout.
Treatment  is varies person to person because the prakati of each one varies.commonly these drugs are very helpful. 1 ERANDA seeds,barks and oil used internally singly or in combination of other medicines.2 Rasana decoction, Guggulu ,Rasana saptak kvatha and Rasandi kvatha , VAISWANARA CHURNA, SINHANADA GUGGULU, YOGRAJ GUGGULU, SAINDHVADI TAIL, VIJAY BHAIRAVA TAIL,MAHA VISHAGARBHA TAIL.


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