it is the anarchy or agitations. MNS and SHIV SENA are  the same way following the gundanism. we know the roads are not good and we are paying huge sums on toll booths. we want best roads and services because we are paying and govt must provide the best services but the manner the workers are adopting  are not worthy. we know that there are unhappiness over the roads and services but such way is not acceptable by any govt. in this way workers are destroying the properties and people are in is not be an ideal way.



SOME TIMES AAP LEADER KEJARIWAL is the CM of the state thinks himself that he is pulling the cart of state which is carrying useless, waste materials. he thinks himself that the whole constitution, laws and orders are baseless. what he is thinking is only right. i agree that he is wise, but not above the law. being the CM he has  to follow the exists laws , rules and regulations. still he has no power to disobey the present law. he is no such powerful. he is also abide by the law. if he thinks that i am right is wrong. he may be right but at present he is wrong. he is a constitutional authority of the state. he is abide by laws and his subordinates are bound to follow the present laws. A K has no power to change. but he can amend them but there are many restrictions. if he is bypassing the present road maps  he will be in trouble and whole mechanism will be paralyzed. none has given power indicates that he is arrogant and is not law abiding person. like wise his other followers are following him. he will be in trouble. because administration constitution, judiciary and people are not ruled by you. you are not a free man. you should respect the present law. we know that his efforts are for the welfare of the nation and people . but it should be within the limitations of the present rules. why you are not respecting the constitution.when you haven oath so follow. you are not above the law and rules. you are overwhelming is good but in future it wii give you bad impression and reputation will be diminished. at present your actions were not praise worthy, graph is going down wards. please be seated calmly and decide and do the introspection. if you want bright future so make friendly relations to all and give soothing to the public. do not arrogant and proudly. it is the very temporary phase of life. you have to walk miles. it is not the end but it is the beginning. so make a positive and healthy atmosphere for own self. now you have many enemies. it is not good

ashutosh is right.

 if there is beauty  there will be ugliness/cruelty.  MODI is not AALADIN KA CHRAAG. he is a very double faced personality. he is cruel in actions. we do not want such autocrat. he not so honest as he exposed. he is not successful but boasting. he has collected huge sums for elections and getting funds from corporate offices . he is merciless. if he will be the PM  .THERE WILL BE WARS AMONGST OUR NEIGHBORS. because has has no control on his words and he is only in negativity. ASHUTOSH is right.


it is the beauty of state govt, boasting the improvement of health services. expenses are more out come is less. there are 4 LIMBS of the treatment. 1 medicines 2 physicians 3 paramedical staffs 4 patient, each have 4 qualities  so there are 16 qualities of the treatment.
 now medicines are not available , if yes so substandard, poor quality and not in sufficient amount. secondly at present  state is facing  PMT SCAMS, BDS SCAMS IN MEDICAL FIELDS. doctors are not doing their duties honestly in city and in capital HQ and in interiors and in micro interiors no doctors are residing on their HQs and not doing duties regularly. they are getting salaries regularly and not doing duties, so residents are dependent on QUACKS. no knowledge, no experiences  and not faithful to the patients,
paramedical staffs are not also dutiful. but at present NURSES have not received salary  since 3 months. they are not dedicated to the patients. and the patients are  poor so they are unable to get proper treatments.
in our state corruptions are most prevalent,none place is safe,medical education systems are poor. forged, illegal admissions on the basis of money, bribery are getting . no criterion  of admissions. there was a racket which was exposed. hundreds student passed on fake marks sheets, and in illegal way. what will be the future of the health services. millions of rupees were circulated and unqualified were entered and passed. the future is alarming. our chief minister is boasting because indirectly he is also involved in many other fields like mining, education, roads building and so on. his minster are also enjoying and they are fearless due to the corruption of CM.CM is boasting  but on ground level many are suffering due to corruptions. officers are more enjoying. because inexperienced ministers are more.  state position is alarming.


now a days we are enjoying traffic jams, road accidents on the cast of our money. state govt, its minister, mayor, officers and contractors the gang of 4  are looting state exchequers openly, directly fearlessly.previously urban minister, mayor were one. they have planned to make  a city, beautiful so they have seen the dreams and planned.
at present the beauty of the city is increased but the difficulties are facing more and more. there are 5 thousands passengers   are enjoying on the cast of Rs500 car-ores  and and 5 lac  are facing accidents, more expensive petrol expenses and more time. every one who is on road is fearful of accidents or deaths.we are not safe on BRTS. every day people are dying and gang of 4 are enjoying.  the people are in trouble and also is the matter of reconsideration,and there is misuses of money for benefiting to the gang of 4.
so we can say the beauty of road is DEATH.this road leads to heaven those are traveling.

war of words

in true sense all political parties are not worried for the future. they are getting temporary benefits every one is criticizing  to others with no dignity. we know all have revengeful attitudes, but they are not using proper words. every day they are deviating the minds of the people from the main problems. we are facing price hikes, no law and orders, no economical future, no employment  measures, every politicians are saying we will do . what they will do. they are eradicating their employments. they are worried for own future. since 6maonths ONE PM candidate is wandering here and there like dog. other is busy for direct communication with people, other is blaming to both and remained are barking to each one. they have lost their languages. they are speechless. they are bankrupt of words. there is no manner. every one is impressed by words and reacting each day. they are analyzing the words. they are doing postmortem of  the words. the words are not patent and proprietary.we are worried on political parties and politicians.

bjp have phobia

words are not the property of any one. they are patent and are copy right. every one has liberty to use words. it is not bad or good. MODI has invented words?he is the only owner of the words. nonsense BJP is playing always negativity. it will lead them to is the indication of narrow mindedness of BJP AND ITS LEADERS. they are totally bankrupts. they have no other business except to find out some disputed matters. no constructive approach. only destructive and meaningless  issue. i hope they are bitten by BARK they have phobia. they are up to some extent sedative.they are in hallucinations. THEY HAVE PARALYSIS OF ANALYSIS.