pm will address in USA


samadhi maran

ichha mratyu should not be permitted. like wise in Jainism there is a Samadhi Maran .Samadhi Maran of a saint is termed as PANDITA MARAN- wise man ‘”s death. BALA PANDIT MARAN is the self controlled death of a house holder, who vows the partial vows of ahimsa etc.Bala Maran is the death of a right believer who has no vows, and Bla-bala Maran signifies the death of a person who is blind of real nature of the self . the supreme type of death is called Pandita-pandita Maran the death of the body before the soul attains perfection and joins the assemblage of the liberated souls.Sallekhana is performed either at the time of deliberately chosen or in the case of accidents, when the probability of t tantamount to a certainty.if there be doubt and saint is not willing to undertake sallekhana at once,he should adopt a qualified vow to the certain period of time after which the sallekhana is to be terminated if death does not occur in the interval , but there is no other difference between qualified and the regular form.

beauty of friuts.vegetables

in our country the fruits, vegetables and indian spices are more helpful for health building, skin diseases and skin beauties.why people are inclined for non veges, fish, eggs and other ingredients.we have many chicest in our country

a book on MMS

it is true that the teacher, secretary, physician, friend, etc are the best well wishers and worst SANJAYA BARU did his job honestly. he exposed his boss and told that SONIA JI is also his super boss.
we know MAN MOHAN SINGH was also accidental PM BUT he served the nation like MOUNI BABA peacefully. in true sense he was a officer not a politician. he has no lobby so he was dependent to the party and party chietain. still NARENDRA MODI is also ruled by two is BJP AND OTHER IS R S S.BARU is very honest because he exposed all weakness of his BOSS. it is a good opportunity he used and leaked all documents of the PMO. it is not a new thing. if he was still in the PMO so he will be not able to say any thing against his BOSS. these things are not valuable at present. it is well known fact that those are powerful rule the nation. but honestly MMS has played a silent play during the two tenures.

all holy books are good

in all holy books right conducts, moral duties, honesty, fear to god and God loves to all. but after these discourses the followers are not following the right character, right knowledge and right paths. why they are so orthodox of in name of religion. religion is one. HINDU, MUSLIM,SIKHISM,CHRISTINY,JAINISM, BUDHDHISM etc are not religions, they are the philosophies. so we donot fight for religion but to follow the good teachings of their any holy books no causes of disputes mentioned but due to our narrow mindedness we are fighting. it must be stopped.

kfc creates a veg menu

I agree with KFC but what is his opinion about eggs.eggs are treated by mostly as vegetarians.we know for the taste and and for preservation s they used to use eggs as veges. secondly my sincere suggestion for veges and non veges preparations on t he same venues are not accepted. so my opinion regarding veges preparations the venue must be totally separate. if you will start the veges in the same premises we are very strict vegetarians will not my humble suggestion is that the veges premises must be separate so your object will be fulfilled.if not we will be in doubted. so consider my suggestions for your betterment.


Budhdha was non vegetarian,ACCORDING TO VINAYA TEXT S .B. E.XVII PAGE 116 ==at the time a great number of the Niganthas (running) through Vaisali from road to road, cross way to cross way,without streached arms cried,”Today Simha the general killed a great ox,and has made a meal for the Samana Gotama .THE SAMAN GOTAMA knowingly eats this meat of an animal killed for this purpose and has thus become virtually the author of that deed”
Budhdha also instituted the new rule,declaring fish and flash pure in three conditions. the animal food now permitted to the Bhikshus .. was tersely described as “unseen , unheard, unsuspected.two more kinds of animal food were later declared lawful for the Bretheren, viz.the fish of animals which had died a natural death and that of animals which had been killed by a bird of prey or other savage means Budhdha was a non vegetarian.