a book on MMS

it is true that the teacher, secretary, physician, friend, etc are the best well wishers and worst enemies.so SANJAYA BARU did his job honestly. he exposed his boss and told that SONIA JI is also his super boss.
we know MAN MOHAN SINGH was also accidental PM BUT he served the nation like MOUNI BABA peacefully. in true sense he was a officer not a politician. he has no lobby so he was dependent to the party and party chietain. still NARENDRA MODI is also ruled by two powers.one is BJP AND OTHER IS R S S.BARU is very honest because he exposed all weakness of his BOSS. it is a good opportunity he used and leaked all documents of the PMO. it is not a new thing. if he was still in the PMO so he will be not able to say any thing against his BOSS. these things are not valuable at present. it is well known fact that those are powerful rule the nation. but honestly MMS has played a silent play during the two tenures.


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