Budhdha was non vegetarian,ACCORDING TO VINAYA TEXT S .B. E.XVII PAGE 116 ==at the time a great number of the Niganthas (running) through Vaisali from road to road, cross way to cross way,without streached arms cried,”Today Simha the general killed a great ox,and has made a meal for the Samana Gotama .THE SAMAN GOTAMA knowingly eats this meat of an animal killed for this purpose and has thus become virtually the author of that deed”
Budhdha also instituted the new rule,declaring fish and flash pure in three conditions. the animal food now permitted to the Bhikshus .. was tersely described as “unseen , unheard, unsuspected.two more kinds of animal food were later declared lawful for the Bretheren, viz.the fish of animals which had died a natural death and that of animals which had been killed by a bird of prey or other savage creatures.it means Budhdha was a non vegetarian.


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