ATAL BIHARI BAJPAYEE JI NON VEGETARAIN==great Indian hero is on bed. he is unable to talk, and understanding alertly. i wish for speedy recovery.according to his friend he is served by prawn. i hope being non vegetarianism he is suffering more and will suffer more. being a Brahmin and using non veges. it is not good for him. because what you are eating it effects on your body, mind, soul and it reflects in such way.
i do not know more about his diets but a person who is a non veges, how his actions and thoughts will be non violent. it is very alarming sign that still he is taking non veges. it indicates that he is not true HINDU AND HINDUSTANI. may be in his own way but he is not a great man in this way. that is why he was unable to BAN THE EXPORT OF MEAT, BECAUSE HE IS ALSO A MEAT EATER.
HE IS ALSO AWARE OF THE EFFECTS OF NON VEGES now stop just for his bright future.if not he will may be in many physical troubles.he may be a best politician but not he is not in position so serve him pure vegetarian diets and prayer. i want to say to L.K.ADVANI, MR GHATATE that today flesh from factory animals, contains a cocktail of unhealthy chemicals such as antibiotics, growth hormones, fear hormones, nitrites to keep the dead grey meat looking red, cement dust and deadly microbes such as cancer viruses ,,salmonella ,E coli and many in curable people are doing PRAGYA APARADH. IT is a known crime with him. he wants only pure vegetarian diets. we have many many dishes in vegetarian .so if you people want to keep him healthy and wise so stop MEAT AND OTHERS AND FOLLOW VEGETARIANISM.


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