women security

words are very easy to express problems. but in practical life it is too far. what are the causes of crime. one part is only responsible or males are more. such crimes were since long. history is also full of such crimes.in true sense individual  is more  responsible, if we follow the right conduct and religious path so up to some extent we can crab.
in our religious books they have mentioned  HINSA, JHOOTH, CHORI,KUSHEEL AND PARIGRAH  ARE THE SINS AND THE VRATTAS ARE AHIMSA, SATYA ACHURYA, BRAHMCHARYA, APRIGRAHA.now previously all were individualistic and today they are community based.
     we know above version may be baseless. but what are the causes of crime. and you can not change the crime but you can prevent the crime. we are not educating our children the ethical values of the society. we are eradicating the crime. why we are not insisting that crime may not occur. male and female are reciprocally independent and dependent.we must follow the safest way of life. we are in present at liberty. sins were very prevalent  in all ages. if not so why in old books they have mentioned. and also described the prevention of crimes. but we do not to follow such path.
         we are unable to change the system.systems are based on many limbs. there is not synchronization.so justices are delaying. we must increase the personal awareness. govts are heartless.


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