era of LK is gone

it is the good sign of BJP. that  it is inducting many new comers, party changers and trusted man and also ignoring senior mosts. it is the good indication of revolutionary changes because NAMO is  in in Joice mood. he is confident that the seat of PM is near by. he is still hopeful. at present party and all seniors are following him. and many are ignored  but he is not worried because he has absolute majority. he has walked over many seats.he is not worried with L.K because L.K has not lobby.he is at present totally isolated and also ignored by many his followers.time is the biggest teacher. once MODI was his follower and at present L .K is wholly dependent on his party present LK is safe until or unless he will be thrown from the picture,L.K has no power to shift on other party or resign from the is the beauty of time. his follower is now his boss and senior is enjoying in play ground. IS THE ERA OF L K  GONE. yes we hope.but the future of the party is not good.



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