rajeev gandhi case

delayed justice is also injustice. our course of laws are like ants creeping slowly slowly. it is unfortunate that the ruling party and GOI were totally unaware of the justice. when govt has framed the laws and the compliance with in the stipulated time so who have ignored . it is the matter of knowingly delayed. non is above the law and on president.it is a very astonishing  that such important matters are not concerned so the millions are cases are still pending. J Lalitha played a very striking game against congress and wants the support for the casts, it is true that she is empowering her powers and getting sympathies from the accused. but who is responsible for the keeping the pend-ency of mercy appeals .now the time is passed. and accused are getting benefits of delaying decision. every one wants relieve. they relieved.why the responsible and accountable  officials must be punished. and in future such should not be repeated. it is a lesson for the ruling party and GOI. but now all is well. now the politics and judicial s are dealing the game. judicial is now more powerful. it is a matter of introspection and in our country  injustice is more prevalent. those are powerful. money they are always remain safe. because they hire leading advocates for own defense and due to their arguments  they are safe and saved. but many many are suffering due to ignorance and lack of money.they are the real sufferers but they are unheard. it is a case of national and international interest  so highlighted.why congress party is weeping on the decision of J LALITHA. why party is not asking and raising questions who has delayed the decision. every coin has two sides,so she is enjoying and others are weeping.


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