i want to ask with Modiji, what is your age, what is your qualification, how much time you have spent in politics and how much time you enjoyed the post of CM.what is your contribution in building the nation. how much time you spent in much you sacrificed for nation.being a chaiwala how much you have donated for the building of the nation. what is your sacrifice before MAHATAMA, NEHRU, PATEL TILAK, GOKHALE AND MANY OTHERS. i hope your contribution to the nation is zero. after becoming the CM your are denoting your self biggest contributor of the nation. what you have earned or gained ,if you are honest so good and your are a politician so it is good. because politicians are mostly corrupt. i hope you may not be ? but you are also. your are always defaming the name of congress. i agree congress had not done any progress in his regime. now howmuch your party did development in nation? mr mody your a night mare you are not a man of obligation. when you have neglected your seniors and also like your guru L K so so are most selfish creature of the nation. you have forgotten the salt of the nation. in your childhood which party was ruling the nation. you are brought up without development of the nation. before your CM your state was naked. there were no roads , no developments. you are only the creator of development. mind it MODI JI , ocean is filled up by drop by drop water. i know you are totally against the congress but do not forget since beginning congress ruled and developed the country. how you say that congress did nothing. it means you have developed your state within your regime. you are unworthy and self praised person. none are pleasant with your speeches and words. you are creating hatred and violence. if you were the PM , there will less chances of peace in the nation. your motto is to create violence, unrest. you will show all the time that my father had eaten ghee and i am smelling and enjoying today. the fact is this the congress did slow development.always remembering congress party like god. some time say good words for enemies. enemies have also good character. mind it MODI it is not an ideal way of politics. respect some one. as you sow shall you reap, crowd is not the parameter of success. you will be no you are the rising star may be but star is always not in same  position. do not be egoistic.


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