pran jaye par vachan na jaye

it is true that the every coin has two can not please to every one.Kejariwal was  well known the fate of his govt. he was dedicated for his words. he has shown his promises. he is a man of words. he followed the words. PRAN JAYE PAR VACHAN NA JAYE.HE fulfilled his words. he resignation should not be treated  as a simple act. congress and BJP were still in the row of CM ship.he has established a model and shown moral also. he committed his words. really it was the sacrifice of his seat.but he was adamant  on his his point of views post was not important but commitments were most important.

            in this junction of his political process he is not worried for present but future is bright. now at present all political parties will try to pull his legs .they do not want to establish his popularity and will create hurdles to them. but he has majority. he has dedicated workers. he had established  a new moral standard.
 like wise in the parliament what so happened on 13 th FEB 2014 WAS A GOLDEN DAY OF THE HISTORY.that was the standard of the politics and shown the nakedness of the INDIAN POLITICS. it is the part of politics. all were the viewers like the droupadi was tried for naked in the august assembly and all were helpless and kauravas were free to do all our speaker, prime minister and all dignitaries were present. it is the morality of parliament. like wise in Delhi assembly all members were shouting/barking in manner less way. they have no moral ethics and knowledge of the proceedings of the assembly. no discipline and no respect. they are not interested to listen the words of CM and speaker. is this a moral act of the parliament? we have send them for solving the problems of the public but they are busy in their own problems. it is the indication of fair politics? corruptions and scams are the fair game of politics?now the country is awakened and we , the people are well versed and knowledgeable what is good and what is bad. politicians are naked. they can not ignore we people. we are now supporting those are honest. we are bored now the same pattern of politics. we are fade up the same faces since long. we are now hated them. we have lost our bearing  power. now we want change. KEJRIWAL has  started  anew ray of hopes. we are optimistic  and we are hopeful that we want honest,corruption less society. we are not ruled by  corporate and not the same clan. at present all political parties have no character and only showing their moral values. all are corrupt and tainted. they have lost their values.they are mocking the constitution and  they have no respect on constitution. they are preacher but not followers. they are ugly faced persons.
in my opinion at present no need of parliament, no need of election. the parliament must be dissolved and snatched their facilities and keep and treat them as a common man. and no protocol and no respect. they have no qualities of the public servants.they are gundas.


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