idian medicines are substandard

FDA is a powerful weapons   for INDIA and Indian medicines manufacturing industries.we are boasting more but in true sense our qualities of products are always remain doubted. we have no options. in the emergencies we have no options. we are wholly dependent on doctors . if doctors agree the quality of product so we remain satisfied.where as the chemists are also dependent on the stockists and  stockists are entertaining more because he is the only source of medicine supplies. he is directly and indirectly involved in this nexus. so stockists— chemists— doctors—MRs after all we are the patients are the real sufferer.
     now the questions the manufacturing units so they are totally dependent on the Wills  /DESIRES  OF the drug inspectors.the drug inspectors are the key person for regularity or irregularities.LICENSING AUTHORITIES, DRUG CONTROLLER  are the second part. when inspector is satisfied by the manufacturing units so LA AND DC are bound to follow the reports. if some objections raised by DI, LA, DC so the concerned unit satisfy them . their satisfaction is is the matter of state here is the points of more corruptions . due to this no best qualities are we getting. really substandard  drugs, expiry drugs are bound to used by us. FDA is very concerned about our country the resistance power and immunity is much so we are not affected by more . those died not due to medicines but due to their luck.really  it is an alarming sign for our country that we are discarded by many countries. they have right so they disallowed but in our country , we citizen are helpless  and we are not listened by any competent is a totally game of power politics. many politicians are involved in manufacturing .and those are KNOWN AS MNC are so powerful that poor and sufferers are always unheard.the court proceedings are long awaiting and take years to gather. there are certain lacunae in the laws. none is following the rules and regulations. acts are also not effective.penalties are so  poor so none is worried. there is a at liberty.whole system is based on corruptions. in our country, no rules, no power could take the actions against RANBAXY. but USA  did so we are worried  why? BECAUSE usa IS POWERFUL AND OUR COUNTRY IS POOR IN ENFORCEMENT OF LAWS.
it is a major issue. it is totally related to our lives. our systems are not effective. many irregularities are there but our law makers are busy for own seats. they are fighting like dogs.because they are known as GODS. they are getting most advantages from the companies. so we are totally dependent on the desires of GOD and our dogs are fighting in the is the beauty of the nation. those are elected or selected are not worried on this issue. they are only for own benefits.


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