it is very true that the foods are also most responsible for effecting the mother specially feeding mothers. and during the feeding of the infants the emotions of the mother also effects on the infant in the development of body and mind.the infants are very sensible. they effected by the emotions, thoughts, words of the mother and also the surroundings.
here i want to draw the attentions  to the researchers to also find out the behaviors of the mother and infant in which surroundings they are living. like in posh areas, slum areas, in temples, in cinemas, in the silent zone of house. during watching the TVs, in unsatisfactory moods, in tensions, in happiness, in pleasure, in tensions.
in our country on proverb is as you drink water as per your words will come out, and as you eat food it will effect on your mind. and where you are residing the atmosphere effects on your thoughts  and your actions.because there are two seats of diseases mind and both are reciprocally dependent and independent. so it is the moral duty of the mother and her parents to keep such atmosphere around the newly born mother that she can look after her infant in peaceful and pleasure atmosphere so  the cortisol  hormone will not effect on the infant.
it is also disclosed that due to dairy milk and  in milk , they are containing more dangerous % of oregano phosphorous  so the mother milk is also effected by that milk. because the cows and buffalo owners are pouring grasses and that contains chemicals so that chemical is transmitting to the milk of the animals and we are using animals milk so that is also effecting to the mothers.
  it is a matter of great concerned  for our society, infants and mothers. milking mothers are the pillar of the infants. so she must be very pleasant and do not use harmful foods. non veges, eggs, meat  sea foods are totally harmful for both. we have many many varieties . we are enjoying many sorts of food and food materials those are very useful for lactating mothers. since this moment the future of the infants are in the hands of mother. so she must be righteous in thoughts, words and action. infants are most susceptible .so try to keep him on natural atmosphere.


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