depression treatment

praise worthy . reality and causes of depression she has given. in my opinion MORE INTENTIONS  MORE TENSIONS, LESS INTENTION LESS TENSION AND NO INTENTION NO TENSION. do not make life complicated. past you can not change , future is under the shadows of unknown fear and we can change the directions so not worried for future. to live in present state. if we can improve our present so we will enjoy our live. in the present always dutiful to own self. do not cheat own self. be positive and find out the causes of depressions. it is mostly self created  and it is the duty of the family members do not ignore him. do not laugh on him. make a sympathies with him. always keep in touch with him. he must be in groups. he should not be leaved alone. try to develop some  manual works like gardening, paintings, traveling and his choices of is the proper time for him to behave like friend, and try to win his confidences. because he seems poor and weak. he becomes dependent  and his mental power becomes weak. he requires moral supports and sharing of his views. he should not isolated but mixed in society. he should be provided balanced diets and try to listen his views in friendly manner. he wants alone but try to involve him  in other activities. he wants best listener.because due to illness he is neglected by others and family members. he wants love only.


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