BLACK DAY is a meaningless word for the incidences occurred in the both houses of the parliament. i have yesterday posted that there is totally gundaism  in the houses and now MPs are in true sense GUNDAS. what is the object of the parliament and constitution.ALAS we are watching their misdeeds and we are still helpless. in my view the present MPs should not be elected in coming election. we are known as the preacher of non violence,friendship  and respecting  to the elders .they have taken oath of constitution on the name of god and given words to conduct their duties dutiful
        TODAY the gundas alias MPS have shown their nakedness  in ugliest way. they have thrown or sprayed pepper and glass is broken and knife is also used. now they are fearless and shameful. they are most dangerous animals in other words. animals are although brainless but they remain in own religion. they are more ethical than such gundas. they have forgotten all limits of democracy. they are in AT LIBERTY. THEY have no fear of laws. .  and now they are above the laws. it is the duty of speaker and chairman to terminate their their memberships and also declared them that  they are not eligible for next election. THEY MUST BE BLACKLISTED. no relief from the any courts. and to take  compensations from them. once they will be disqualified then some will be fearful for misdeed.


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