pm is bleeding

pm heart is bleeding and we are weeping on the dramas of the parliament. our parliament is  A DRAMA HOUSE/CIRCUS SPEAKER AND Chairman are tigers  without teeth. our honorable members have privileged to enjoy every where, every time in jungle and they seems to be jungle es.i have no hesitation to say that the MPs  are the blood suckers of the nation and getting fat for health. if they are cooperating  and not functioning so they have no right to get allowances. it is a very concerned about the both houses. all seems like gundas  and indiscipline persons.they are manner less and not to say any words for them. when PM and MINSTERS ARE HELPLESS. there is no rules and regulations and they are teaching us the subjects of the moral values and honesty. they are now most corrupt because they are getting allowances  of without work. it is very disgusting for the nation. out side the parliament if we do such acts known as indiscipline persons  and in the houses they are  wasting time, money energy and food. if the houses are not running properly so no need of any sessions  and no need of MPs. they are sucking the blood and PM IS BLEEDING AND WEEPING. it is a shameful situation of the nation. they are entertain g there . it is place of picnic and recreations. they are moral less. now parliament is meaningless/valueless. why they have taken the oaths . why speaker and chairman call all parties meetings before commencing the parliament. all efforts are fruitless and only  entertaining. they have no moral responsibility of public grievances. they are elected for what? they are doing fraud with the nation, people and also own self. all are collectively responsible  . we people will decide not to elect those. who are not performing their moral duties for the nation. what will be reputation of our country. we are not able to say that we are in democratic  and in our country no democracy/liberty. we are in AT LIBERTY.ALAS WHY SUCH CONDITIONS WE ARE BEARING.


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