parliament is a high class club of the nation

history repeats it self. now the congress party is suffered by unlawful acts of his they are taught by their leaders to oppose in other party ruled govt and now own party is opposing . is it a good sign of democracy, independence, liberty. now they are all at liberty. they are fearless and have no respect to anyone.they have not taught discipline  in the party.they are manner less and acting , misbehaving and no respect to the houses. they have taken the oath for safe guarding the constitution and now they are totally against  the laws and rule. they are expelled and will get entry easily.after the Independence57 years has passed and still we are manner less. uncivilized acts are doing and known as respectable ,elected and selected members. how much indisciplined they are . they are now thick skinned and enjoying there as a high class club houses of the nation. it is very pity situation.all remedies are exhausted and the election must be boycotted and now no need of any MPs. make an alternate platform .we do not like such scenes more. we are wasting  time,money, energy and food  and watching nonsense scenes  and speaker and chairman are every day insulted by the members. we are denoting them respectable.they have no qualities of the members.there are many ways to solve the issue not dissolve the much money expense d every day. public interested issues are overlooked by them. why GOI calls the houses. we know the fate of the houses. all are double faced and neck  persons. they have no respect to the seniors.why they are getting allowances for without work.only appearances in the houses are sufficient.we are in shameful situa


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