IT IS GREAT INDIA, BHARAT, HINDUSTAN, BHARAT VARSH  WE got Independence  since then we are dependent. the biggest fishes are digesting smalls. the powerful are interested in own acts so they do. poor wants help so may queries. constitution is amended by many time for own interest of the MPs.we want corruption less society but govt of India does not want to eradicate such disease because it is easiest source of income.we hope GOI will solve the issue. if not so AK is ready for resignation. he will resign and after that president’s rule will impose on the state.
 AK is fighting bravely. he is a revolutionary and thinker. he has some desires to change the present picture of the society.and we will be proud of his efforts.it the duty of all political parties like congress and BJP to support him by hearts.you will cooperate him he will save you. your future will be bright and will be fearless.it is the beauty of honesty..


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