situation is critical. AK is ready to resign the post if not passed the bill.agree. every coin has two sides. he is right and also wrong. but it is the matter of Constitution  and laws.but it is a matter of great concerned.  AK is firm but we want he should applied  the word ALSO in place of must/have to. NOW IT IS A MATTER OF CONFLICT. but in politics always keep open options . because politics is the game of hope and majority. AK knows he is in minority so he is playing challenging game. it may be the looser or winner.but he determined. we hope he will get success and new example will be established. actually GOI WANTS LESS CORRUPTION AND AAP WANTS CORRUPTION LESS COUNTRY. motto is clear. it is not digestible to GOI .because the highest level corruption is in GOI  and also in all states. every body is sufferer and corrupts want more. because it is easiest way to earn money more and more  and without efforts. the effects are most dangerous. we are not developing. unrest is there. sufferers are unheard. we are unable to survive easily. but the roots of the corruptions are deep rooted.so AK IS RIGHT. if he fails will resign from the post.now wait and watch


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