IT IS a praise worthy act of MPs of the both houses. they have no respect to the chairs. they are double faced and necked people. they have given the words to the speaker and chairman to cooperate the functions of the houses.but result is zero.there are very time for the houses. we are paying the money for their dramas .they are totally undisciplined and immoral persons. they are the member of high class club where they are entertaining and wasting time, money,energy and food on the cast of we people and they are getting top pest class facilities.
 in this way there is no need of elected and selected members. there is no need of MPs. there is no need of elections. there is no need of any ministers. military regime is the best. or president’s rule is best. why we are electing and selecting them. now they are the burden of nation. they are the useless creatures of the nation. they are unsocial, immoral personalities of the nation. there must be excuse with them.they have no pains of people/ they have own pains. we should boycott the elections and they are the candidates   so there should not be entries of them. we are fade up.many important bills are there, in pending  and they are barking and fighting.they have no respect of chairs, seniors and constitution.throw them in INDIAN OCEAN.



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