modi is not pure

BJP is now self declared  winning party,MODI is in over confidence. he is imposing himself that he is the only person who will lead the nation in developed estate.he is in  darkness. words are good and speaking in good manner but outcome will be doubted. his views are very narrow minded. although in politics and in war every thing is genuine. but self praise is harmful. in the past when his party was in power what were the achievements. on that time such crisis-es were there and still . they are endless. every day one scoop happens. PRANADA may be or not be , it was the  matter of circumstances.why MODI has over ruled many many seniors  like ADWANI JI. in true sense the post of PM Iis only for the leader of opposition in parliament  IN R S  OR LS. but you have given huge funds for the party in the form of corruption and still misusing the post CM. at present  MODI is not entertain g but the post of CM  IS UTILIZING. you first resign fro the post of CM OF GUJRAT and then do the campaign. who are bearing the expenses of the rallies and functions. there must be some manipulations.modi is not also neat and clean. if some one will investigate his performances many irregularities will be there. being the politician he is pure. he is some where tainted. these are still hidden . speaking  loudly is a another matter. if he wants be to pure so resign from the CM post and bear all expenses. he is entertaining on the cast of state govt and indirectly party funds.


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