art of the healthy escape

really the article is  blessing for me.being alone every day since 1st January 2014 , i am writing diary in the form of book. most of time i keep myself busy in writings, readings, recreation, least TV watching and silence which gives me power, new ray of life. it is the best way of introspection.more relations are cause of distress. enjoy more with own self. always try in search of good knowledge that is only the best weapon to fight against darkness, tension, unhappiness, depression. it is the best place where we can ask with OWN. who i am? how much time wasted in wrong directions?what was the out come? now correct yourself  lead your life for betterment.
writing is the best source of inspiration and expression of own views and it is a constructive  job. it gives me peace and solace. it is the way of presenting own self before OWN. after the discussion and after revision of own writings gives enjoyment, boost, inspiration and my knowledge   can be useful for other. secondly to engage your self in leading own life artistically. i know when all are busy , none have time to share your views so keep busy own self and utilize your time , money, energy and food in constructive way, if not restorative but not in destructive way. because more intentions more tensions, less intentions less tensions and no intentions no is the only way to enjoy your own life beautifully and peacefully.


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