ACharay tulsi smariti grangth

Acharay Tulsi–Acharaya Tulsi  was  a man multiple qualities. he has established ANUVRAT MOVEMENT.He struggled with the established saints of that time.being an outspoken personality and full knowledge of AHIMSA, SATYA, ACHAURYA, BRAHMA CHARAYA AND APROGRAHA.HE developed own philosophy by means he established peace, brother hood and established the peace in society.individual and family. he said the person is the unit of the society. if he is living in peace and following Anuvrats means he is leading his life righteously and saintly. the study is the antidote of illiteracy.  through knowledge you an conquer own self.SELF knowledge is the virtue of own development.through knowledge you can solve all worldly problems and you, own self be freed from all worries.
through ANUVRAT andolan you are ready to forward fearlessly.due to his teachings, writings i learn more and is able to fight  all agony, tension,  and realized the causes of pain and how to get peace through his preachings.up to this  stage of life my achievements are due to his blessing and his teaching.i am ever grateful to him . his teachings has given me a new ray of to lead your life beautifully and artistically ,he  always says the adopt 5 anuvrats and set free from the sins.his teahings are the teachings of lord MAHAVIR. today these teachings are more important for the welfare of universe.through his teachings we an the the conqueror of universe and OWN SELF. it is the path of liberation.


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