SOME TIMES AAP LEADER KEJARIWAL is the CM of the state thinks himself that he is pulling the cart of state which is carrying useless, waste materials. he thinks himself that the whole constitution, laws and orders are baseless. what he is thinking is only right. i agree that he is wise, but not above the law. being the CM he has  to follow the exists laws , rules and regulations. still he has no power to disobey the present law. he is no such powerful. he is also abide by the law. if he thinks that i am right is wrong. he may be right but at present he is wrong. he is a constitutional authority of the state. he is abide by laws and his subordinates are bound to follow the present laws. A K has no power to change. but he can amend them but there are many restrictions. if he is bypassing the present road maps  he will be in trouble and whole mechanism will be paralyzed. none has given power indicates that he is arrogant and is not law abiding person. like wise his other followers are following him. he will be in trouble. because administration constitution, judiciary and people are not ruled by you. you are not a free man. you should respect the present law. we know that his efforts are for the welfare of the nation and people . but it should be within the limitations of the present rules. why you are not respecting the constitution.when you haven oath so follow. you are not above the law and rules. you are overwhelming is good but in future it wii give you bad impression and reputation will be diminished. at present your actions were not praise worthy, graph is going down wards. please be seated calmly and decide and do the introspection. if you want bright future so make friendly relations to all and give soothing to the public. do not arrogant and proudly. it is the very temporary phase of life. you have to walk miles. it is not the end but it is the beginning. so make a positive and healthy atmosphere for own self. now you have many enemies. it is not good


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