war of words

in true sense all political parties are not worried for the future. they are getting temporary benefits every one is criticizing  to others with no dignity. we know all have revengeful attitudes, but they are not using proper words. every day they are deviating the minds of the people from the main problems. we are facing price hikes, no law and orders, no economical future, no employment  measures, every politicians are saying we will do . what they will do. they are eradicating their employments. they are worried for own future. since 6maonths ONE PM candidate is wandering here and there like dog. other is busy for direct communication with people, other is blaming to both and remained are barking to each one. they have lost their languages. they are speechless. they are bankrupt of words. there is no manner. every one is impressed by words and reacting each day. they are analyzing the words. they are doing postmortem of  the words. the words are not patent and proprietary.we are worried on political parties and politicians.


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