it is the beauty of state govt, boasting the improvement of health services. expenses are more out come is less. there are 4 LIMBS of the treatment. 1 medicines 2 physicians 3 paramedical staffs 4 patient, each have 4 qualities  so there are 16 qualities of the treatment.
 now medicines are not available , if yes so substandard, poor quality and not in sufficient amount. secondly at present  state is facing  PMT SCAMS, BDS SCAMS IN MEDICAL FIELDS. doctors are not doing their duties honestly in city and in capital HQ and in interiors and in micro interiors no doctors are residing on their HQs and not doing duties regularly. they are getting salaries regularly and not doing duties, so residents are dependent on QUACKS. no knowledge, no experiences  and not faithful to the patients,
paramedical staffs are not also dutiful. but at present NURSES have not received salary  since 3 months. they are not dedicated to the patients. and the patients are  poor so they are unable to get proper treatments.
in our state corruptions are most prevalent,none place is safe,medical education systems are poor. forged, illegal admissions on the basis of money, bribery are getting . no criterion  of admissions. there was a racket which was exposed. hundreds student passed on fake marks sheets, and in illegal way. what will be the future of the health services. millions of rupees were circulated and unqualified were entered and passed. the future is alarming. our chief minister is boasting because indirectly he is also involved in many other fields like mining, education, roads building and so on. his minster are also enjoying and they are fearless due to the corruption of CM.CM is boasting  but on ground level many are suffering due to corruptions. officers are more enjoying. because inexperienced ministers are more.  state position is alarming.


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