now a days we are enjoying traffic jams, road accidents on the cast of our money. state govt, its minister, mayor, officers and contractors the gang of 4  are looting state exchequers openly, directly fearlessly.previously urban minister, mayor were one. they have planned to make  a city, beautiful so they have seen the dreams and planned.
at present the beauty of the city is increased but the difficulties are facing more and more. there are 5 thousands passengers   are enjoying on the cast of Rs500 car-ores  and and 5 lac  are facing accidents, more expensive petrol expenses and more time. every one who is on road is fearful of accidents or deaths.we are not safe on BRTS. every day people are dying and gang of 4 are enjoying.  the people are in trouble and also is the matter of reconsideration,and there is misuses of money for benefiting to the gang of 4.
so we can say the beauty of road is DEATH.this road leads to heaven those are traveling.


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