politicians are not trustwothy.

this the beginning of the new party. if some is criticizing means that you have some specific qualifications.AAP will face situations but every thing be settled, we know central and state are adjusting. they are knowing each other . we know that both are also right and also wrong. it is the way of approach.you can not please  every one. none is perfect.
but at present politicians are at liberty. they have no respect to any one. every one is superior to others. it is true because every one is egoistic. every body has majority and also powerful.so they have proud but it is a very very temporary phase. AK has very short life because congress is not trustworthy. so congress will withdraw  his support and BJP PM candidate is overwhelming enthusiastic.he is leading non sense values. SP AND BSP are in king makers mood. SHIV SENA is a follower of BJP. his leaders are intoxicated by local powers. and all regional parties are not interested in actively. they are not faithful.the picture is not clear up to election.


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