kumar vishwash has apologized . now one chapter is closed. he will be forgiven  by those hurt ed. it is the beauty of the words. it indicates that words have power and are medicines and poisons. so always be speak in mannered way specially those are in public life. but politicians are not worthy. they speak outspoken and in bad manners. they have no consideration of any one , either opponents  or friends. mostly in TV channels they fight like DOGS. They used to shown their power in ruthlessly. we are well known about politics and also  politicians they are passing their stools from the same ANUS. they are all one but they used to create disturbances/ disputes among people/public. they are all one. one time in one program-me they will welcome to all. BJP is against AAP AND increase of wages of MLA s they will be united and meet happily.
secondly OTHER law minister’s dispute will be solved. but today SHINDE  said  YEDA TO CM OF DELHI ARVIND KEJARIWAL. he said very correct ARVIND is yeda or mad. he is dedicated his life in madness way  for the welfare of the Delhi. why LG has accepted his demands GOI has directed to LG . means indirectly MHA  SHINDE has accepted his madness . but SHINDE IS FOOLISH.


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