bared film actress.

in true sense they are not doing involuntarily, they are doing for the need of the film, public demand, requires for scene and for money. bechariyan they are also very poor so they remain naked. they are earning for food  not for clothes. they are the IDOLS OF INDIA. they are the real social workers of the nation. we are proud of them . why they are covering their lower portions and why they are hiding by hands. they are the social workers. they are not inviting crimes. they love crimes. they are the followers of the digmabar  nada akhada sects in hindu and others. we are not worried for undressed. beauty lies in the eyes of beholders.either they are very poor. they have SKIN DISEASES SO THEY HAVE CLOTHES ALLERGIES. and we are SKIN SPECIALIST. SO WE SEE THEIR SKINS.they want treatment. not they , their body want treatment.


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