every coin has two sides.controversies are the part of politics and arguments are endless. if he is a CM so he must have all powers like in other states. he is begging to the MHA for suspension and necessary actions  against those  guilty.he is dependent on the central govt for law and order. if some things happen in the state so CM is responsible and accountable. he has no power. he is a constitutional person. he is appointing, disciplinary and controlling authority of the state and power of police is not with him. why?he is fighting for ground level cause. he is bravely fighting against powerful govt. it is the fight of future. every body will entertain onwards. he is a like a paralytic person. he is alive but bed ridden.every body is free to say against him but he is fighting for genuine causes. why GOI is not asking him like his party ruler CM. WHY GOI is treating him untouched.when congress has given support to him so support him or withdraw his support. he has fearless accepted all challenges. he has no fear of tomorrow. GOI nad law may prosecute him, keep him behind the bars, imposed president rule and imposed the BJP as a ruler. now he is a CM  and will be known as EX CM. he is not taking any wrong step  .he is following the rules and regulation.
   if he will be the CM of any other state, so he full power on the state. he is not begging like a beggar to suspend 1& 2nd class officers. here is helpless so the C P AND ACP  police officers are not obeying his orders because they are not directly under him. he has suspended many officers of water works department. why ? because he is fully competent. here in police his helpless. every C m must have  full control on the state. here is like the position of DROPAUDI all pandavas want enjoyment and she is alone. like this ARVIND wants execution. he is requesting so the central govt is ignoring. so police is also must be under the control of the CM OF THE STATE , LIKE OTHER STATES. it is not justified. why central govt is interfering the business of state. it indicates the narrow mindedness of the MHA. in such situation DIXIT was failed in her tenure in the field of crimes, rapes and law and order. police is not bound to follow the order of CM. it is a MAZAK. means a worrier with weapon, a lady without breast, shopkeeper without scissor.ARVIND CM is like a tiger without teeth. it is the alarming sign of the nation.and MINISTER home say the power will not be given to state. please do the amendment  by parliament.he is right on such causes.bravely fight friend we are with you.


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