all are naked in the HAMAM. i do not to say that all politicians are corrupt but  but not honest. every one has own property in hidden or exposed. Modi is now in boasting and egoistic mood. it is necessary for him because his party and followers are following him blindly. PRABHUTA PAYE MAD JO AAYE. WE hope that he must be proudly and we are also proudly that he is a very poorest CM Of the nation and will the poorest PM of the nation.he is a man of simple living and high thinking. he is poor for the poor. he weeps on his poverty and for poor.he is a specific  kind personality so he is very kind to all. he is very religious because his religion is the post OF P.M. he is very weak for the weakness of others. we are very hopeful because he is hopeful. mercy of god on him so he is full of mercy.  we are hopeful that he must be poor and poverty is dedicated by him for nation.he is well qualified that he is above the qualified.


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