The CM wants the Delhi Police force to come under the control of the state government instead of the central government, which runs it via the home ministry.IT is true that CM is like a tiger without teeth. being the head of the state it is responsibility and accountability of the head of state if some incidences occur. ex CM DIXIT was weeping several times that the police is under the central govt and crimes are held in state. the CM will request to L-G and L-G will forward his grievances to the home minister and central govt. LG is appointed by  G OI . he has no dare to take actions against the GOI.

I endorse my views with ARVIND KEJARIWAL.IF he is powerless so how he can controlled the crime.he like a worrier with weapons, a lady with breast and shopkeeper with yards and scissors.GOI  and other parties are playing dual roles. but ARVIND WILL BE VICTOR. he will be known as EX CM  but he has shown his power, weakness, demands and honesty. he is well versed about the future. but he is not fearful for future. he is in righteous path. there will be more hurdles  but he will win and if he fails still he has shown a ray of hope that democracy will be on roads and it is the revolutionary changes in out political arena. all parties are now worried and AAP is holding more populations. some AAP men are leaving the party due to the BJP. because BJP wants only 4 MLAs for majority. so i hopw there will be a new govt in place of AAP.BJP  IS THIRSTY FOR THE is not easily digested by BJP . because from DELHI they will easy to hold G OI POWER. but congress will be helpless if BJP forms govt and AAP will openly play his roles on many picture is clear  but future is uncertain.


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