death of sunanda pushakar

every death has some causes. natural or unnatural. the super class people have more problems than common. common man is fighting for the stomach while super class fight for existence and means married life of any one is full of sorrow, we are thinking that they are the richest men, reputed men,are facing more critical lives. they have all sorts of facilities but no piece of peace in their lives. god do not give me more money, more reputation, more luxury, no name , no fame, no ego. we pray to god that please give me good conduct, good knowledge, good character, not more money not more ego and more reputation.because these are cause of death and also bringing happiness.
death is really is very bad and sad also. we are with him and his family. but also the matter of introspection.some times triangle  relations lead to such stage. we know that she was matured, knowledgeable and experienced.some stones of doubts may be is now a secrecy.GOD HELP THEM.


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