death od pushkar sunanda

nothing is new in this world. relation makes men friends and also is the case of ego, extramarital relations and also mis- beliefs .it is true that none is happy in this world. kings are unhappy due to powers. poor is due to poverty.politicians are worried for future. riches are more poor than poor himself. it is irony of the universe.we are insisted that why the universe is full of griefs.why people are wondering here and there in search of peace.there was no happiness in their lives. both were married third times. i am also sure that they have also some extra marital relations. because every one was saturated with each others in short time. both were smiling externally but internally they were not happy.
such marriages are based on physical wants and when fulfilled then breaking of the relations starts.both are seasoned, experienced. they are rich in all corners. but they have patience and they have not changed their ATTITUDES. such relations life span remains is an alarming sign  for the individual, family and society. such cases are increasing day by day. tolerances are now zero.
people are not following the ethical, religious values. we have lost all walls of the character we are living in open space. no boundaries, at liberty. people are mostly in enjoyable moods. no one has respect to each one. every one is superior and rich. such tendencies are increasing more and more. it is the matter of analysis and research  also. in such level, when both are saturated , matured, experienced are attempting such steps so middle classes are more prone. it is a very serious matter . it is also the matter of introspection.who is guilty or not is immaterial but why such things are occurring in this level. they have no poverty,they are well to do. both are learned and we are expecting from those that they will provide good things to us, in society. but another point is that we are all human. every one has sorrow, grief, tears, fears, love, hate and all bad and good things. it is not the outcome of one day. she has planned her life to end. it is the task of bravery. no body is ready to suicide,because every one fears with death. when the pains exceeds so it becomes she has adopted the relief by death. another philosophy is that her life span was till yesterday. her destiny was decided so the circumstances created by them. and it is also possible that her death was in hotel . now the chapter is over and analysis will be continued but result will be zero because she is gone. she will not come back.god may help them to bear such loss and also learn the cause and no repeated in future with others. today 3 deaths were, syadana sahab, suchitra sen and sunanda. death is really worst and every one fears but it is the only truth of the life.death is certain, but where,, when where, how none knows except own self or god,she did knowingly.


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