state govt fail

in state govt health,education, PWD, irrigations, MPEB etc departments are known as a problem children.none can solve the problems.because the official staffs have no time , subordinates are putting the files, and they signed. officers are not applying their minds. they are busy on HMV will. they have no controlled on their staffs . they are showing powers to the districts and field workers. how many directorates and Secretariat clerks are suspended or taken actions those have not putting the files  with in time. officers have no power, no control on them.they are taking actions against weak and distant employees. all policies are delayed at top level. officers are now incompetent. they are ready to take actions against them. in gunuine cases file is in submission.millions files are dump and will open when the person concerned will approach to the concerned clerks/officers. they are pending due to bribery or these are incurable diseases. good officers more suffer. i have many state  govt is totally fail in administration


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